Task: to create an interactive  installation for the science museum.

Software: Processing, Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D, Illustrator, Photoshop,

Hardware: Kinect, 2 projectors.

The interactive narrative installation takes us on a journey to the times of the Big Bang, the time when all the elements were created. As many scientists have claimed, this star dust is still in our DNA. My task was to create an interactive museum station, and in my project, the visitors of the museum station were invited to collect all the particles from the stardust in our imaginary DNA structure. How, you may ask? With the Kinect sensors, the visitors collected these particles standing in front of the wall upon which it was projected.

Living spaces – an interactive  installation for the science-museum with Kinect and projections.

Tags: Big Bang / FH Aachen / gamification / installation / interactive / interactive museum / kinect / living spaces / projection / science museum / spatial / Wasserstoff