Tasks: visual concept, video, organization of shootings, illustration and design of posters, event banners, flyers, social media marketing. By this particular video: concept, camera, post-production.

Iran meets Israel — Israel meets Iran! The teaser was made for the foodie event where Persian culinary tradition connects to Israeli, blending into exotic and powerful fusion of taste. The successful newcomers to the Berliner food scene came originally from Tehran – the twin sisters who work under the meaningful brand Dr. & Dr (The sisters are in fact the talented Docs of Engineering, who quit their jobs for this project and are now able to create and collaborate together (oh, how much I love this fact!). Our team from Gordon restaurant and record store created a synergy of two ancient traditions under one roof. Yes, we are happy to break the rules, and at the same time keep and extend our traditions. Everything we want today – to celebrate, cook, eat and hang out together, regardless of our origin and accent. Because first of all we all are humans and our language is food and music!


Instagram: @gordon_berlin

The short teaser for Persian-Israeli coulinary event in Gordon Restaurant.

Tags: commercial video / event video / film / food / food video / gordon / video / visual artist / werbespot