Official selection of 180 Festival Berlin, Golden Gate Festival and a finalist of ARFF Berlin 2020 “Lucid dreams” is a short-film about DJ Lucy – Luca Mortellaro. The documentary begins the series of short films of the main actors, the creators of the Berliner scene. DJ Lucy is a curator of the label “Stroboscopic Artefacts” and is a brilliant music producer and sound bath facilitator. After being magnetized by Berlin for many years he changed his mind about the city. We spent a couple of days together and spoke about techno, gentrification, the hype of Berlin and big cities, and about his project “Casa Balat”, which he is building in his place of birth – Sicily. This episode of the mini-series about Berlin was developed while working on the bachelor thesis for communication design at the University of Applied Science Aachen.

Tasks: Story, Direction, Camera, Cut, Sound, Post-production. 

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition

Lucy dreams or lucid dreams is a short-film about DJ Lucy – Luca Mortellaro open the series of “Faces of Berlin” – documentary about people creating Berlin.

Tags: bachelor project / berlin / DJ lucy / episode / faces of berlin / film / ianago / interview / Luca Mortellaro / lucid dreams / series / Sicily / stroboscopic artifacts