I’ve created this trailer with my German team as a video-editor and a motion graphic designer. My tasks included creating a visual story about the course and professional in German and English languages, preproduction with a filmmakers, layouting the compositions and creating animations and motion graphics in After effects, video cut and effects in Davinci Resolve, selection and designing the layout of materials of the portfolio in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc. , working on the Voice and sound, as well as music selection and creating a remix in Adobe Audition.

A magazine is like an open door that allows you to discover the world and break new ground. Transforming and rendering fragments of reality through the subtle magic of color, typography, and layout is the specialty of Lars Harmsen, cofounder and editor of Slanted Publishers. In this online course, explore the possibilities of editorial design using Slanted Magazine as a case study.

Together with your teacher, learn how to develop a magazine and all the aspects it entails. Lars shows you the different possible options for designing a magazine, from the idea, research, and layout, to production and marketing. By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools to find the right format for your publication. Take a fragment of reality, analyze it, and reassemble it in magazine form.

Editorial Design: How to Make a Magazine with Lars Hasrmsen, video edited by Iana Go

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